Save thousands of $$$ in legal fees

The 2 hour Divorce Workshop will tell you what you need to know so that you can decide what your best options are to save you stress, time and money.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics figures show that the average time from separation to divorce is 3.5 years.

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It can be very costly to leave everything up to the lawyer!

Workshop Content

• Australia’s legal system explained in plain English
• Answers to commonly asked questions relating to separation, divorce, property settlement and child support
• Guidance through the legal process and the alternatives to litigation
• Information to help you with Do-It-Yourself divorce and property settlement
• Essential information for finding support services
• Family Law data bases explained and how you can use them
• Tips on how to choose a lawyer
• Tips on how to work with your lawyer and how to keep them accountable so your bills don’t get out of control
• Insight into tactics used by some lawyers to drag out you matter and increase costs – (the law is a business and it is often not in the lawyers’ best interest to settle your case early)

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