2-Hour Divorce in Australia Workshop

  • Our experienced team will provide you with essential information for planning and managing your separation, divorce and property settlement.  As a result you will gain the clarity, control, and confidence you’ll need to move forward during this challenging and stressful time.

    Our team will help you avoid the complicated, expensive and all too often damaging process of litigation.  Divorce lawyers can be costly and they focus predominantly on the legal issues.  Legal bills can easily run up to tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars if not managed properly.

    If you’re looking for a compensation lawyer, please consider Alliance Compensation Lawyers in Sydney.

    At the workshop you will learn to develop your own plan. You will receive checklists, worksheets, and expert insight that can help you navigate the potential minefield of divorce.

    Workshop Content

    • Australia’s legal system explained in plain English
    • Guidance through the legal process and the alternatives to litigation to resolve disputes
    • Information to help you with Do-It-Yourself divorce and property settlement
    • Essential information for finding support services
    • Family Law data bases explained and how you can use them to give you peace of mind and save you money
    • Tips on how to choose a lawyer
    • Tips on how to work with your lawyer and how to keep them accountable so your bills don’t get out of control
    • Insight into tactics used by some lawyers to drag out your matter and increase costs – (the law is a business and it is not in the lawyers’ best interest to settle your case early)

    What we don’t do at our workshops

    Our approach is practical and structured and has evolved from extensive experience both personaly and professionaly. We have the knowledge, dedication and compassion necessary to help you to move forward to your new life.

    Well meaning friends may offer advice, but they don’t have the objectivity, knowledge, experience or wisdom to really help.

    Don’t be misled by do-it-yourself document preparation services that offer a “type, print and file” solution to your divorce. “Acceptance” of your documents by the court does not guarantee your assets and your future are properly protected.

    Like any other major life transition, divorce takes careful planning. You’ll be making important decisions that will determine the quality of your life for many years to come. It’s easy to make mistakes in this emotionally challenging time if you don’t have good advice, both legal and practical.