Dealing with a Lawyer


1. Lawyers are in the BUSINESS of law, they have budgets to meet like all other business’

2. Your divorce lawyer should advise you of your legal rights and take you through the legal process and you will be charged between $250 and $450 per hour for this information. So it makes perfect sense to learn how the divorce process works and do as much as you can without the lawyers, and only hire them to do the things you cannot do yourself. Over-Dependence on your lawyer can be very costly

3. Beware our system of justice in Australia is known as an “Adversarial System”. Basically it is designed for fighting

4. Communication Breakdowns with your lawyer can happen. Don’t be intimidated by your lawyer. Know your rights if you have a dispute with your lawyer

5. Beware of lawyers who say they have influence because they specialise in family law and are around the family courts all the time

6. Smooth talking lawyers can often be empathetic and friendly but this may be to cover their lack of legal abilities. A divorce lawyer may try to play the role of therapist and friend and bill you at his legal rate for his time

7. Some lawyers use tactics to draw out your property or child custody issues or to simply antagonise the other party. When a lawyer tells you to do something think carefully about the consequences