• “I was so pleased with the 2-hour mentoring workshop I had with Terry.  I walked away with the confidence that I had received the knowledge, guidance and support I was searching for. It gave me the confidence to stop leaving all my affairs up to my divorce lawyer and to become more proactive in my case.  I didn’t realise how naive I was.  I didn’t even know the difference between divorce and property settlement.  I thought it was the same thing!   I am sure I have been able to save tens of thousands of dollars in legal expenses as a result. I really appreciated how Terry really listened to all my concerns.” W Kraus, Bayview 15 Nov 2011

    “When I first called Divorce In Australia I was a bit nervous during the first call, but Diane assured me that our call was confidential and that most callers were a little nervous and that I was quite normal.  I had been having a few problems with my ex not wanting to do anything about our property settlement, and I couldn’t afford a lawyer.   I attended the two hour workshop service, so I could learn more about the legal system and what my options were.  I am very grateful for the insight I received through the workshop, and as a result I had the confidence to work it out all by myself .” M Cooper, Mosman Dec 2011

    “I attended the Divorce In Australia Workshop.  I am from America and unfamiliar with the divorce process in Australia.   I thought I would attend just to find out about Australian Law and my options.  However, I was really surprised at how much extra information I received that proved invaluable to settling my case without the need for lengthy litigation or going to court.  When dealing with my lawyer there were several instances where it appeared my lawyer was charging excessively for small things.  I was able to successfully negotiate my bill with my lawyer and have it reduced as a result. Attending the workshop saved me quite a lot of money.” L Farmer, Wahroongah 12 Dec 2011

    “I participated in the 2-hour Divorce Mentoring workshop via skype. Terry has a way of speaking that is informative, straightforward and calming at the same time.  I found Terry to be confident, knowledgeable and very informed.  I would highly recommend his one-on-one mentoring workshop to anyone considering divorce. From the knowledge I gained from the workshop, I was able to confidently find legal representation that I could trust.” D Travers, Brisbane 7 Aug 2011

    “When I first called Divorce In Australia I had already had a number of unsatisfactory experiences with lawyers who didn’t listen or regard me with much seriousness. Before I knew it, I had spent tens of thousands of dollars and my case had gone nowhere. I really was unhappy with lawyers and the whole system in general. From the minute I called Divorce In Australia, I knew they would be people I could depend on. The lady who answered the telephone when I called was kind and empathetic. She really seemed to know what I was going through as she said she had been through a similar experience. I felt the burden of being lost and alone was lifted from me. It was recommended that I attend a one-on-one Workshop with Terry to get some perspective and clarity. I decided to fly to Sydney for the meeting although it was offered to me via skype. From that meeting I gained the confidence to handle my case myself.  I am so grateful for the information I received at the workshop. When things were difficult, they were there and they empowered me to become more proactive at a time when I was really distressed and confused.” C Taylor, Tasmania 11 Oct 2011